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Hydro Jetting

When a cutter just won't cut it!

This is your best choice for soft stoppages like grease, food residue, etc.  It uses high pressure water to clean the inside of your drain lines.  Nothing like 1500 PSI of water to clean those pipes!

General Wire

Traditional Sewer Machine

This is the machine we typically use for stoppages in 3" or larger diameter lines when access might be difficult with the Electric Eel.  This machine is fully capable of clearing difficult stoppages and works great for inside applications.

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Drum Machines

Smaller machines for smaller drains

We have a variety of machines available for stoppages in smaller drain lines, including kitchen sinks, washing machines, lavatory drains, drinking fountains, floor drains, etc.  

With our selection of machines, we are sure to have the right one for your stoppage issues!

Electric Eel

More power, torque, and speed!

The Electric Eel is our primary machine for clearing stoppages in drain line 3" or larger in diameter.  It has larger cable, a more powerful motor, and more torque than other machines, giving it the ability to grind through even the toughest stoppages.

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We Have a Solution for any Drain Problem

When other plumbers can't clear a drain - Call Us!

We specialize in clearing difficult stoppages and we take great pride in being the best.  Over the years we have developed a reputation for being able to correct drain issues that the other guys can't. 

We are the best at clearing drain stoppages because of two very important things that set us apart from the competition.  1) We have the most pwerful equipment, and best variety of machines to get the job done right the first time.  2)  We have the training and experience to diagnose the problem accurately and know how to fix it.